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There is a way to clean tile and grout with Brooklyn stone restoration services without taking any a headache. Tile and grout cleaning in Brooklyn can turn into a persistent and practically unimaginable task honestly. If you have not enough time for cleaning, you might find it extremely tough to clean and feel like it is an absolute mess that will need you to hire grout cleaners in Brooklyn NY.

Eight steps for grout cleaning in Brooklyn:

1) Apply Step One Cleaner (an Alkaline) liberally to the grout lines. Every cleaner takes a minimum amount of time for tile cleaning in Brooklyn and is formulated to do its job properly. Most will require at least 5 minutes.


Tile Cleaning

2) Using your long handle grout brush, scrub the Step One solution into the grout lines. The harder and more aggressive you scrub the better results you will get.

3) Using clean water, rinse step 1 solution off the tile and grout. Then towel dry.

Most of your floor will now be clean. You will proceed to step 4 only for these random dirty places. Step 4 is not meant for all areas of grout, just the one’s the alkaline didn’t clean.

4) Acid Wash. This is not to be used on Natural Stone. Also be careful not to get the acid on other surfaces. It will damage natural stone and metal and stainless surfaces. So, cover your stainless appliances.


So, same as step 1, apply the appropriately diluted acid wash to the dirty areas of the grout. Again, just do one small area at a time. Leave the solution down for about 5 minutes. If you’re using a good acid wash, you will notice the acid bubbling as soon as it comes in contact with the soil in the grout. Don’t let it dry!

5) Using your long handle grout brush, agitate the acid into the grout lines. Rinse the brush first. You don’t want the leftover alkaline on the brush to neutralize the acid too soon. You should see results as you scrub.

6) Rinse with fresh, clean water.

7) Neutralize Acid. Using your step 1 Alkaline cleaner, spray the areas you just cleaned with the acid. Quickly agitate it into the grout lines to get the acid residue deep down, and then just rinse with fresh water.

8) Towel Dry and Inspect. After that, using a Quality solvent based sealer, protect your grout lines, and they’ll stay clean for years, not months.

Perform these eight steps for grout cleaning in Brooklyn routinely to keep your tiles clean all the time. After you have finished the Brooklyn tile cleaning procedure and uprooted all the grime, soil, and stains, you can use clean water and clean any leftovers sanitizer. You may as well now have a delightful looking clean tile floor with fewer grout lines


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